Additional services
Additional driver
from $90
The second driver is included in the rental agreement and insurance contract.
Issuance / receipt of a car at night or on weekends
An employee of the company will transfer the use or accept the return of the car after hours.
Issuance / acceptance of a car at the airport
An employee of the company will issue or pick up the car directly at the Buenos Aires airport.
Child's seat
The car is equipped with a child seat for the entire time of rental car.
Return the car "as is"
The service allows you to return the car without washing and/or with any amount of fuel in the tank.
Toll roads are billed weekly and paid separately.
"Comfort" insurance package
from $260
Insurance coverage against damage to windshields, windows, mirrors, wheels, tires and hubcaps.
"Premium" insurance package
from $380
Insurance coverage against damage and/or theft, reducing the tenant's financial liability in the event of an insured event to the amount of the deposit.
Unlimited mileage
The cost of renting a car includes 100 km/day,
When you connect an additional service, the mileage is not included.
Spanish Translator
A personal interpreter will accompany you on your trip to Argentina.
Tow truck and impound lot
from $100
Employees of the company will help you in case of need to evacuate your car or get it to the impound lot.
Damage to the car not covered by the Basic Insurance will be paid for separately. The list of damages is available here. To reduce liability for damages, you can purchase a "Comfort" or "Premium" insurance package.
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